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Inside Academics is a leader in direct marketing for higher-education. We help non-traditional students assess their college and university options as they explore continuing their education.

Our demand generation solutions for Higher-Education center around a greater level of student consultation and a best-in-class quality assurance program. Proprietary tools like our AMS (Admissions Management System) along with our incredible team put us in a great position to produce unparalleled results for both students and educators.

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What we do?

warm call transfers

No need to waste time calling back prospective students. Our team can warm call transfer highly motivated prospects that want to talk with an admissions advisor right now. 100% contact rates drive higher engagement and lower cost-per-starts.

Data Leads

For high volume admissions teams, we verify student contact information, deliver it to the school’s CRM system for your admissions team to engage the prospect via calls, SMS, email or other outreach.

Lead Revitalization

As the cost to acquire a new customer continues to soar, squeezing every bit of value out of your marketing dollars is more important than ever. Consider the opportunity costs in working 5, 10, 15 or 30 day old leads compared to new leads. We will work your old leads and revitalize their interest so you can focus on selling while still maximizing your ROI.


Contact us today to start getting connected with high quality applicants. Understanding your schools programs and recruitment targets allows our matching algorithm to predict the number of monthly matches and then connect your school to our prospect pool.

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why choose us

On average our clients see 20% lower cost-per-starts than inquiries generated by other companies.
All of the prospects we engage with have already indicated online their interest in education. Our team of agents double confirms their interest and ensures a proper program match.
All of our agents are US based to engage in high quality conversations.
100% call recordings with a tech-enabled quality program that measures both regulatory compliance as well as proper matches between prospects and their school of interest.

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15200 Santa Fe Trail Dr. Suite 200 Lenexa, KS 66219
(913) 440-4684